M8 Remote

Universal iPhone and iPad remote for Mede8er

Now available! Control your media player with a fast and intuitive interface.

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How does it work?

The M8 Remote is designed to make your life better. Navigate easily trough the menu's using touch and swipe gestures. You can take control of your media player from anywhere in the room because the app is using Wi-Fi. So you never have to aim at your device again!

Features M8 Remote

Supported Mede8er devices

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M8 Jukebox: New App for Mede8er 3D series (MED1000X3D, MED800X3D, MED600X3D)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the app only supports basic remote functionality?

With the current firmware of Mede8er it is not possible to support more advanced features. When these come available we will incorporate them in an update.

In what way differs the app from the web interface?

The basic functionality of the app is the same as the web interface. The app however, provides a better user experience through the use of swipe gestures and better design. Also it is easier and faster because it is an native iOS app.

What is the default port number?

The default port number is 1024. Since you cannot change the port on your device this number should only be changed when you connect from an outside network when you use port forwarding.

Where can I find the IP Address?

In order to work properly you have to turn remote control on.

X device: System setup > Network > Remote Control ON

X2 devices: Setup > Network > Web Remote ON

What are the app requirements?

Mede8er is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.2 or later. Be sure that the Mede8er device uses the latest firmware.

How come my Mede8er device cannot be found?

Please check the following things if you may encounter difficulties:

  • Make sure the Mede8er device and your iPhone are connected to the same network
  • Make sure the Mede8er device has the latest firmware installed
  • Make sure you have the correct IP address of the Mede8er device
  • Make sure the port is set to 1024
    (only changes when you connect from an outside network)

M8 Jukebox

New App for Mede8er 3D series

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